Marcus Sonnenschein
Lawyer BvM Berlin

As a specialist lawyer for Employment or Labour Law, Marcus Sonnenschein represents both employers and employees nationwide. He has longstanding experience in both individual and collective Labour Law. Apart from litigating before the regional and state labour courts, as well as the Federal Labour Court, he also advises extra judicially in contract drafting, in conflict and termination situations, and negotiates with employee representatives and conciliation boards, as well as collective bargaining.

At Brehm & v. Moers, he has particularly distinguished himself in the area of Media Labour Law and advises film production and media companies.

He is an expert in the clearance and clarification of status issues on behalf of those working in the film and media branch and gives regular lectures and seminars on topics surrounding Media Labour Law. Within the scope of his forensic activity, in recent years he has been increasingly engaged with the issue of “tendency” protection in dismissal and termination situations of journalistic and editorial staff.

In addition to the above, in the area of Art Law, for many years Marcus Sonnenschein has been representing artists, photographers, galleries, agencies and museums, especially in transactions, contract drafting, and establishing perception of rights and their position in both judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.


Admitted to the Bar: 1998

Specialist for Labour Law