Dr. Matthias Grundmann
Lawyer BvM Munich

Matthias Grundmann advises on media and entertainment law on a national and international level. His practice focuses on consumer electronics, streaming (film and music), television, graphics, art, internet and e-business. His clients include large tech companies, production companies, but also investors, selected producers, directors and musicians (including Oscar and Grammy winners). A selection of productions advised by Dr Grundmann can be found on IMDb.

As a co-author in the Handbuch Filmrecht (C.H. Beck Verlag) and the next edition of the Heidelberger Kommentar zum Urheberrecht (C.F. Müller Verlag), he publishes on legal topics, but also has a keen interest in biographies and conducts interviews for the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Due to his interest in art and legal history, Matthias Grundmann has also appeared as a legal expert in a documentary on ARTE. Mr Grundmann studied at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. During his legal traineeship, he dealt intensively with negotiation management and trained as a business mediator (MuCDR). Matthias Grundmann is a lecturer at the Erich Pommer Institute (EPI), occasionally acts in films and is a board member of a parent-child initiative.

Admission to the Bar



Announced: Dreyer/Kotthoff/Hentsch, Heidelberger Kommentar zum Urheberrecht, 5th edition, C.F. Müller Verlag, 2023, Mediation and out-of-court dispute resolution and representation by associations (Sections 32f and g), Mediation and out-of-court dispute resolution for video-on-demand services (Section 35a), Photographs (Section 72), Broadcasting organisations (Section 87) and Part 3 - Special provisions for films (Sections 88 to 95) and (in each case together with Guido Hettinger).

Schwarz, Handbuch Filmrecht, 6th edition, C.H. Beck Verlag, 2021, ch. 251, "Forms of Pay-TV (Pay-TV, Pay-per-Channel, Pay-per-View, NVoD)", ch. 251, "Teleshopping", ch. 251, "Business TV" (each together with Oliver Castendyk)

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Training as business mediator at the Munich Center for Dispute Resolution (MuCDR)

Regular lecturer at the Erich Pommer Institute (EPI)