Anyone involved in the music business will soon notice that many, predominantly commercial, interest groups collide, at the same time as being mutually dependent: artists, producers, record companies, music publishers, concert agencies and, last but not least, the collecting societies (GEMA and GVL), to name but a few. In view of our long-term experience and broad network in the music sector, we are familiar with its complex relationships and day-to-day business. Thus, our activities go beyond drafting diverse contracts for artists, managers, producers, lease tape deals, concerts, agencies and publishing, but also include solid legal advice on the laws pertaining to the right of the various collecting societies, KSK (Artists’ Social Insurance) and such corporate issues as business start-ups and transactions. We look after nationally and internationally successful musicians, composers, as well as advising managers, producers, publishers, labels, organizations and societies.

Apart from this classic core business, we are constantly tackling such new challenges to the music business as the Internet, downloading and streaming, in order to develop commercially viable solutions - for now and for the future.